Is Mementol Store Scam Or Legit {Mar} Read Reviews!

Is Mementol Store Scam Or Legit online Website reviews

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere to know if Is Mementol Store Scam or Legit? Also, learn about Mementol’s features and authenticity.

Might it be said that you are hoping to purchase ladies’ clothing with in vogue loos fit and Chinese plans? Do you incline toward high limits and exceptional proposals for new clients from the Unified Realm, the US, Canada, and Australia?

Did you peruse, which began in high-risk country? Did you had any idea about that Mementol has low guest count? Did you had any idea about that apparel is transported from various nations? Subsequently, we should check assuming that Is Mementol Store Scam Or Legit?

Is Mementol Genuine?

  • Mementol Creation: third/Walk/2023 at 3:02:26.
  • Mementol Age: 29-days old.
  • Mementol Keep going refreshed on: third/Walk/2023 at 3:04:32.
  • Mementol Expiry: third/Walk/2024 at 23:59:59.
  • Mementol future: in no less than 11-months and 4-days.
  • Business positioning: 38.3%↓.
  • Trust score: 1%↓.
  • Area Authority: 1/100↓.
  • Alexa Rank: 0%↓.
  • Spot of beginning: Guang Dong, China.
  • Dubious Sites Nearness: 13%↑.
  • Danger Profile: 47%↑.
  • Phishing Score: 34%↑.
  • Malware Score: 47%↑.
  • Spam Score: 10%↓.
  • Status of Boycotting: Mementol isn’t boycotted.
  • Association Security: Mementol utilizes a got HTTPS convention.
  • SSL Status: IP has Medium-Association Approved SSL accreditation for 340 days.

Mementol Store Surveys of Proprietor’s Personality and Contact: is claimed by Cao Min Yu. Be that as it may, proprietor’s personality and contact are covered up utilizing paid administrations of Alibaba Distributed computing Ltd.

Contact individual: vague.

Backlinks: three, including two area joins.

Brief: is youthful e-design store with mission to give inventive items, including family merchandise and day to day necessities. Mementol observes CE guidelines and EN71 guidelines to give best quality and sensible costs. Mementol sells:

  • 10 Jeans,
  • 29 ladies’ Dresses, and
  • 28 shirts.

In any case, Mementol’s web composition, statement of purpose, items, content, and markdown plans were taken from and,,,, And so forth.

Highlights deciding Is Mementol Store Trick or Genuine:

  • Purchase ladies’ clothing at:
  • Cost: between $15.53 to $79.89.
  • Actual Location: vague.
  • Organization number: vague.
  • Ensure: reliable conveyance (or) get discount for delivery expenses.
  • Guarantee: unknown.
  • Protection strategy: Referenced yet copied on Mementol.
  • Email address: [email protected]; conventional free email administration.
  • Telephone (or) Whatsapp number: unknown.
  • Store areas: unknown.
  • Conveyance Strategy: Mementol conveys standard and express requests between ten to 27 days.
  • Delivering Strategy: Mementol requires one to three days handling time. Transporting expenses are covered at $39.99.
  • Transporter subtleties: vague.
  • Following: unrealistic on Mementol; considered to check Is Mementol Store Scam Or Legit?
  • Agreements: Referenced yet appropriated on Mementol.
  • Abrogation Strategy: Mementol permits dropping inside 24 hrs for neglected orders and inside 48 hrs for unsubstantiated orders.
  • Dropping expense: no charge.
  • Merchandise exchange: Mementol permits 14-day returns.
  • Trades: not upheld.
  • Restocking expense: no charge.
  • Discounts Strategy: a warning is sent by Mementol in the event that discounts are endorsed.
  • Discount timetable: vague.
  • Method of discount: to method of installment on Mementol.
  • Method of Installment: by means of Visa, MasterCard, MastroCard, JCB, Amex, DinnersClub, Find in US$, GBP, AU$, EUR, CA$, JPY, and INR.
  • Treats Strategy: vague.
  • Bulletins: distributed by Mementol.
  • FAQ: remembered for ‘Request Issues’ tab; accounted to audit Is Mementol Store Scam Or Legit?


  • The straightforward and easy to understand connection point of Mementol
  • Forthright limits of up to 53.34%
  • Get 10% extra limits with bulletin membership
  • Nitty gritty item details, pictures, and size outlines included
  • Clothing is accessible in various sizes and varieties at Mementol


  • Ridiculous limits of up to 63%
  • The size of attire might contrast
  • Mementol permits requesting 998 amounts regardless of stocks
  • Free shipment and worldwide orders are not upheld
  • Challenging to contact Mementol’s client assistance

Clients Audits:

Item audits are yet to be appraised at Kindly find out about PayPal misrepresentation, as ten site audits and two YouTube Mementol Store Surveys recommend that Mementol is perhaps ill-conceived. Mementol doesn’t uphold contributing to a blog.

Virtual entertainment connections and connections: Mementol is absent via web-based entertainment and didn’t indicate joins on

End: appears to be ill-conceived because of horrendous trust business, Alexa, and DA positioning. Mementol scored high on danger, phishing, and malware profiles. If it’s not too much trouble, read about charge card misrepresentation, as no clients posted surveys and evaluations about Mementol on client audit locales. Additionally, no conveyance affirmation by clients was posted. Mementol is a youthful site with a short future.

Was Mementol surveys enlightening? Kindly remark beneath on this article about Mementol.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Mementol utilizes what number of servers?

Servers sequential chain numbers 0a3787645e5fb48c224efd1bed140c3c focusing on and

  1. Who is recorder of Mementol?


  1. How much is guest count of Mementol?

Zero guest count month to month.

  1. How much is speed of Mementol?

A heap season of 2.29 seconds, 71% C-execution grade, is thought of as sluggish.

  1. Who is ISP of Mementol?

CloudFlare Inc, USA.

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